Our Home valley is Spacious enough for Playing Outdoor as well as Indoor Games. We provide game accessories and the needed tools required for any kind of games like Tenis ball Cricket, Cycling , Shuttlecockand our indoor Games includes Carrom, Ludo, Chessetc,.
It would turn as a best exercise and playing in the nature makes your trip more memorable and Joyful.









Bird and fish Watching

It is one of the major experiences as the area is surrounded with a wild birds and cooler full Fish pond. This is a must experience for all the kids which is more delightful learn about the bird life.
Bird  and Fish watching is an eco-friendly outdoor recreational tourism activity in the sense of hobby, photography. Moreover it is an inexpensive and a blissful tonic to heal mind, body and soul by fantastic day long exercise of hiking in forest.

Nature Walks

Getting outside and experiencing nature in itself is a wonderful activity but you can take this experience to another level by turning it into an active experience under the clouds of Chikmagalur. Walking in the sunrise and sunset here gives you more pleasure.

Our Homevally is surrounded with 30 acers of Arabica and Robusta Coffee Estate which would be great to walk along these Coffee Estates.